Camaro, a hero's tale

"We just don't need you anymore."

The year was 2002. The General had decided that it's small sports car, Mr. Camaro, was no longer necessary in this modern world. " But what about Mr. Mustang?", Camaro asked, "who will be here to fight him?" " That battle will no longer be necessary, we have word that Ford will no longer be needing their sports car as well. We're sorry, Camaro. We're so sorry." Mr. Camaro was to be put alsumber, to return when America and the General needed him most. It was a dark time in the land of freedom. People were buying more economical cars. What's worse, young kids had seen The Fast and The Furious. Small Japanese cars were duking it out on the streets. 8 cylinders were no longer "in", it was all about the four bangers. And so, Mr. Camaro went into hiding. But Ford didn't pull out, realizing the General had put down it's guns, Ford claimed victory. Or did they?


"Camaro....Camaro wake up. It's time."

"What...what year is it?" Camaro's headlights slowly went from dim to bright. "It's 2006, welcome back son."

"General, is that you?!" " Yes Camaro, and it is time. We need you." The Mustang had been terrorizing the streets. For four years, with no challengers, the Mustang ruled over all the nation, and the world. "We can't take it anymore Camaro, the world needs you to fight Mr. Mustang again!"

"Well let's go then!" Roared Camaro. "You aren't ready..." a quiet voice entered the conversation"
"What do you mean I'm not ready?! I've battled Mustang for years! I can defeat him!"
"No, you can't." Retorted the voice. "Just look at the Mustang..." Indeed, Camaro wasn't ready. Mustang had a new look, more power. It was stronger, faster. Camaro had work to do.
"You need to bulk up Camaro, and for God's sake change your look! What is this, 1994?" "Go downstairs. They'll help you there." Camaro, wheezing through dust he'd collected over the last four years, moved to the development center, where he was greeted by a familiar face.


"Oh my God! that you?! You look beautiful!" "Thanks," a female voice responded. "I can't say the same about you. You need help, and that's why I'm here." I'm going to show you a thing or two I learned while battling the Europeans. Invaluable things that will help you dominate Mr. Mustang."

"He needs a new heart." Rang out the General. "And show him how to corner."
"You got it, boss!" Corvette responded. And so, they got to work....


To be continued...(because work.)

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