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Part 1:…

March 17th, 2006. The Generals headquarters, Detroit Michigan.

" look like we did back then..." Corvette's voice quivered. "I can't beleive it. You look fantastic." "Thanks, Vette, I've been through hell and back. I feel like a completely different car. You've helped so much." Mr. Camaro was almost ready to take on the world, and his old foe Mr. Mustang.


"The world needs to know. They need to know you're back for them." The General spoke up. "You need to pack for the North American Auto Show. Corvette will take you there, she knows her way." And so they arrived. Camaro, nervous about his return, turned to Corvette. "How will they respond, how will America respond?" "They're ready for you, they have been all along." Replied Corvette.

There, waiting in the shadows, was Mr. Mustang. He grumbled at his old friend Mr. GT "Heard Camaro decided to come back. Pah! What's he gunna do, spill coolant all over his distributor? I'm not scared.." But despite his hate, Mr. Camaro was greeted with cheers, the show was a success, but not completely. "You hear that, GT? He won't be on the streets until 2009! What a loser, now I know what he can do. GT, we have work to do, come on!" "I...I can't go with you." GT responded. "What?! Why?! Corvette helped him, now you are going to do the same for me!" Mustang was furious. "Ford called. I'm being retired.." GT's washer fluid reservoir began leaking. "I can't believe it, what am I going to do?" Mustang knew he was all alone now, he had to battle Camaro with out any outside help. He went back to the drawing board with a plan up his sleeve. "Camaro is bringing back a style of the past, maybe I should do something similar." He called up the big wigs. "Hey" he said "Remember how awesome the 5 liter was?"....


July 23rd, 2006. The General's headquarters, Detroit, Michigan.

"The show was great. But the people really want to see you in action." The General thought to himself. "Vette! How do we show the world how awesome Camaro is?" "Well, I heard of this guy named Michael Bay." Corvette responded. "He's making a movie, bringing back the Transformers from the 80's. You remember those, right?" Yeah, so what's your point?" The General asked. "Well, he's going to need some hot cars to be Transformers. What if we struck a deal with him, put Camaro in the movie." "That sounds great, but the movie sounds shitty." Responded the General. "They're going to have Megan Fox." "Megan Fox?!" "Megan Fox." "Camaro! It's show time! Corvette, you're going too, but wear something a little....sexier." "You got it boss" Corvette responded.


"Ha! Camaro thinks he can be a movie star! Why, I was cool in movies way before he was! Man, if Steve McQueen were alive today. I'll show him! I'm calling that Bay douche bag, I want to be the bad guy!" Mustang had a plan, full of spite and hatred. The movie was a surprising success, most people attributed it to one of the movies heroes, a robot named Bumblebee, being played by Mr. Camaro himself. "I can't believe they wouldn't let me talk." Camaro said. "You still knocked them dead! Did you see me? Oh I hope I get to dress up like that again!" Corvette was ecstatic. "Now it's time to really hit the streets and do some work!"

March, 16th, 2009. Detroit, Michigan.

"I can't wait, Mustangs ass is mine!" Camaro was pumped and ready to take on the world. "No one will be better than me, it's just Mustang and I, Mano y Mano!" The General spoke up. "Um, Camaro, there's been some breaking news. It won't be just you and Mr. Mustang, there's someone else.." "Like who?! Who dares fight me?" "Mr. Challenger. He's back, and he wants revenge." "Challenger? I haven't seen him's been decades. I thought he was dead." Camaro was in disbelief. "Well I'll just have to beat him too! When do we start?" "Soon, we're shipping you to all the major magazines. Soon the world will know who's best" Camaro headed out the door, ready to prove himself, but before he left he turned back to Corvette. "Thank you, you've taught me so much. How can I repay you?" "By kicking Mustang and Challenger's asses." Corvette responded.


And so, Camaro went on to challenge the two other pony cars. As we know now, Camaro suffered a few bumps and bruises. But as of late, he is currently victorious. That's not to say Mr. Mustang doesn't have anymore plans.

"How do we beat these guys?" Taurus SHO asked. "I've been thinking...What are the Europeans doing?" Replied Mustang...

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