When my wife got this Camaro to replace her PT Cruiser back in December, we knew we’d need to get some new tires pretty soon. Well, yesterday was that day (wife was out of town and I was bored) and not only did I get tires put on but I also got a “Free” set of 20” SS wheels! The results (imo) are pretty nice!

Also, here’s a token “Angry” Camaro pic that needed to be added.

So the original tires and wheels were a set of 245/50-19s and they were ok but nothing spectacular. (Especially since the tires were probably original from the factory and it just hit 39k earlier this week.)

But the replacement wheel was a staggered fitment set of 20” SS wheels that came off of a trade in when I worked at the dealership. We decided to put more into their trade if they included the set of original wheels on their car because they still had them sitting around and only had about 500 miles on them. They had switched to a set of 20” AR wheels just after getting the car and stashed these in their boxes. I happened to get them as a going away present due to the extreme amount of effort I put into a deal that didn’t end up happening until I had already started my new job. I was appreciative because he didn’t have to give me anything!

Anyways, after doing about as much research as I could on new tires, I decided to call up my local Discount Tire and see what their experience was with the Yokohama Parada Spec-X’s, but he didn’t want to suggest them since he’d never seen them put on a Camaro so instead he offered up the Nitto Motivo’s and said that is by far the most popular tire for the Camaro’s. So, after a little more research I decided to jump in head first and get the tires. The set ended up being 245/45-20 in the front and 275/40-20 in the rear.

Getting the new tires put on was a difficult endeavor because I, being only one person, had the task of getting the Camaro and all 4 wheels to Discount Tire... Knowing that this would be nigh impossible without a lot of finagling and cursing, decided the best course of action was “Phone a Friend”. This friend said yes and came down in his Equinox to help in the adventure.


After working out the financials, and deciding to leave the old TPMs in the old wheels and tires and purchasing a new set for the 20” wheels [$160 for new ones installed vs $68 to tear into the old tires and switch them to the new ones], we left and let them do their thing.

After a quick lunch at Jagger’s (never been there before but not bad), I got the call and headed back. And to my amazement, these wheels did a lot more for the car than I thought they would when looking at the 1” diameter difference in the box.


Side note, I was thinking about plasti-dipping the bowties just to see how it looked. I may do that today in my free time.

So, then after taking the wheels and tires home and realizing just how loud the old P-Zero’s really were, we unloaded the old set and contemplated their future. Whether to sell them as they sit or to keep the rims and get a set of winter tires when the time comes. I haven’t decided yet but may post them on CL and see if I get any bites, if not just keep them.

Later, I went cruising around running some errands when a little something grabbed my attention:


Unfortunately at this point, it had been a couple hours and didn’t happen to be just one of the sensors.

I booked it back to Discount Tire but they had closed about 15 minutes earlier and are not open on Sundays...yay.


Now, I have the bittersweet enjoyment of new wheels/tires with broken brand new sensors. Fun fun... At least it was a beautiful (albeit hot) day for cruising!