Camaro Quirks

A couple of quirks in the Camaro. One good, one maybe not so good. First the good - a floor mounted gas pedal. I believe all the GM alpha platform cars have a floor mounted pedal, but when combined with the extra pedal to the left and really good placement of the brake, this makes heel and toe shifting really easy. Small detail but I like it.

Now the not so good quirk. The trans is a Tremec 3160, and it has the reverse gear to the left and up. That’s right where first gear is usually located - max left and up. And there is no reverse lockout! I was expecting a collar or push lockout, but there isn’t one. There is a detent or spring that you push when moving left from the 1-2 row, but it is not much of a deterrent. I’ve been sitting at a light in neutral and accidentally grabbed reverse when I went left-up for 1st! Not good when the light changes green unexpectedly and you are in a hurry to get moving (and I’m sure the guy behind me was like WTF when the reverse lights came on and the engine revs). That said, I’ve gotten used to it now and seemed to have learned to not go left so far. Just seems odd that it would be designed this way though. Why not far right-up, or even left-down?


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