Didn’t get much done because I’m waiting on shipments. I did pull the door apart to chase down the cause of the sloppy door handle. Guess there’s a tension rod inside the pull that has gone missing. Dunno bout finding that

I removed the ISRV mirror and fixed the loose connections on the map lights. While checking bulbs one of the reverse lamps disintegrated in my hand so, a few minutes and a Dremel or two later, LEDs are installed on both sides. I tried to see if I could mount this stupid flip-up touchscreen radio unit without it bashing the HVAC controls - no dice.

I lifted the rear in the air and spun the tires a tad - LSD! They didn’t fuck it up with the gear change!!!


Other than that I sat in the car and made some VROOM VROOM noises like a 12 year old