Camaro vs. Volt vs. Bolt.

TL;DR: Camaro Turbo 6-speed, Bolt or Volt?

The time has come for my father to turn in his leased 2015 Volt. It has had zero problems (apart from the drivers side window motor) and was a fantastic car to drive. Because he’s a loyal Chevy fan he is going to look at the three cars mentioned in the title. It all comes down to the driving experience and what sort of deal we get.

The inner Jalop in me would say to get the Camaro (it would be a Jalop spec 1LS with the turbo and 6-speed) since that’ll be the quickest, most fun and possibly the cheapest option. The only drawbacks would be that it’s rear-driven and takes premium but with gas prices being the way they are, it won’t matter. It wouldn’t be hard to get a killer deal on one.


We’re both intrigued by the Bolt. The only real concern would be charging but he would easily be able to charge at home overnight. He also thinks it’s ugly. I for one think it’s interesting.

The Volt would be the logical choice, especially since the second generation is much improved over the old one.

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