Ok, I live on a campground, year round, in a house. My grandparents stay in a RV during the summer here as well. So we had lunch with them, and afterwards I looked at my car and it said “Wash Me, Cabin 5 Rules”. [pictured is the car after being cleaned]

So I walk up to my gpa, who works here as well, and ask “the counsellors are staying in the cabins, aren’t they?” See I know exactly what happened. We have cabins and dorms, and one of the dorm counselors happened to have an near identical pt.

So I drive down to cabin 5, knock on the door. “Who is it?” I decided not to answer, to keep them in suspense. A college kid pops out, “you the counsellors?” “Yeah.” “Here’s the thing, someone wrote on my pt and I don’t really appreciate it.” They looked at me dumbfounded. “Here, I’ll show you.” I brought the two guys to the rear of Jolly Roger, then they realized it was a case of mistaken identity. “I’m so sorry! Want me to clean it?” I looked at him, and realized I was more upset with the act of touching my car and wanted to send a message to them. “Sure, I’d loved for you to wipe it down.”

One guy went inside, the other stayed with me. I told him, “ya know, I live here on the grounds, I was just visiting my grandpa in his trailer.” The other guy comes out, washes it, haphazardly and quickly, but I’m not too concerned about the paint, I want him to think twice about pulling something like this again. He even cleaned something I didn’t see before, that someone from cabin 6 left.

Afterwards, I took the kid to the front of the car, showed him the Jolly Roger license plate and said “hey, this is how you can identify my car, the skull snd crossbones. And the broken bumper from when I took out a sign”.


Now, I’m not the one to freak out, I just wanted them to take responsibility for their actions, and to spread the word that two bright blue pt’s are here. They’re camp counsellors, they are still gonna pull stunts like this, I just dont care to be involved.