TBH, at this point, I’m not surprised when I find anything that has a dedicated following, no matter how banal it might seem. But I do find it interesting when something has an international cult following. Like the Svea 123 camp stove.

I’ve been gathering gear for a road trip through the southwest this october, and decided to pick up an old Primus 71 camp stove off of ebay. I’m not knowledgeable about these things. I thought Primus stoves were famous for burning kerosene, which would be advantageous for me, as I could fuel the stove with the same stuff my lanterns take.

Well it turns out, while the most well known Primus stoves burn kerosene, the particular old model I scooped up doesn’t. It burns white gas (coleman fuel). Of course I didn’t bother to look into this until after I spent money on the thing. And as tends to happen, when attempting to correct my ignorance on the subject of camp stoves, I fell deeper and deeper into google hell, learning all sorts of stuff nobody should really care about. The Primus 71 is a relative of the Svea 123 stove, both Primus and Svea were bought up by the company Optimus. Optimus still produce the 123 today, and it has a surprisingly (at least to me) huge cult following.

There are of course people who collect things like Coleman lanterns and other camping gear, but the Svea also seems to popular with users/enthusiasts, not just old folks with a compulsive need to own every paint and decal variation of a particular model of thing.

insomnia is just pushing me deeper into this hell

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