Camp Vehicle Search, the Decision

As you can tell by the image, I just started asking dealers for bids on selling me a 2020 Subaru Outback Limited XT.

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I test drove the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with the 5.7L V8 on Saturday and really liked it. And it had enough room behind the rear seats for most of our extravagant camping junk. I slept on it, and on Sunday after praying about it came home and told my wife I had made a decision.

She was so sure that I was going to choose the Grand Cherokee that she about fell over when I said I’d get the Outback.


She was trying to give me a lot of room to make the decision, and had encouraged me by saying that this doesn’t have to be a permanent choice (as I usually assume that I’m going to keep a car for a very long time). I turned that around and figured that the Outback doesn’t have to be a permanent choice, and if I’m not able to go places that I want to go, then I’ll trade it in on a JGC at that point.

But I couldn’t accept the 50% worse fuel economy, when the Subaru with the turbo 4 is as quick, and handles better, and will go anywhere that we have wanted to go within recent memory. Now, the Subie doesn’t have as much room behind the rear seats, so I’m going to have to get a cargo carrier for monthly camping trips, but that means I’m fairly guilt-free cruising around in it the rest of the time. The Subie is not as exciting as a serious, modded up off-road focused truck like I wanted when I started down this path, but it should be great for the use that we know we will have.


So, I’ve sent out the emails this afternoon to dealers to sharpen their pencils and send me competitive prices. Hopefully it goes as well or better than the last three times I did that, all of which I was happy with. The biggest challenge is that this is a new, hot car, so I won’t get a great deal anywhere, but the wife is ready to have this happen, so we aren’t waiting until December 29th, like I might do otherwise.

Wish me luck!

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