My wife and I were seemingly gifted a Scamp camper from a relative (I say seemingly because her folks have taken a shining to it so it appears it more of a sharing situation at the moment) but our Outback, best as I can tell, isn’t suited to the job of towing particularly well, given its relatively small tow numbers and paltry tongue weight limit.So the dilemma is this:

Do we say thanks but no thanks to the trailer and buy a rooftop tent to get a similar experience? Or do we spend a few grand on a cheap tow vehicle that’ll only get used when we’re pulling the Scamp and potentially to haul me to the golf course occasionally?

If we do with the second car, what are some really, really affordable options? I’m talking preferably at or under $3k. I’ve been looking at Explorers and Xterras, but my only real must have is that it has to have space to put a car seat in for our kid and needs to be reasonably reliable in its presumably older age. Any thoughts?


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