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Campersitelock - Looking for some refrigerator advice

Good day fair commenters of Oppo.

I finally figured out what camper to buy and I’ll be picking it up this weekend. I went with a Forest River No Boundaries 10.6. It’s a mini toy hauler version. It comes with a slide out kitchen in the front, it’s pretty much a horizontal 12v fridge drawer that slides pretty far out. The one I found was very bare bones optioned so it only comes with a normal cooler. I plan on upgrading it with a dual zone 12v horizontal fridge.


My question is, fellow opponauts, do any of you have experience with 12v. refrigerators? Any brand recommendations? I know Dometic is seen as a “gold standard” but if there are any other options out there, I’m open to doing my due diligence. Bonus points if there are horizontal options that are propane/12v/110v too.

Long term, I plan on adding 200w solar panels and dual batteries, but that won’t be this season.  

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