We finally finished setup at 9pm.

TL/DR: left late, had truck problems, setup camp.


Packing took too long had too make 4 trips to Canadian Tire. We get on the road at 2 with the camper truck in front driven by my dad and the Venture driven by me as chase spotter for the trailer.  

20 minutes out of the city my dad had to make an emergency lane change at 95kmh because some idiot merged into the freeway without looking, as he did smoke started blowing from underneath we thought it was a tire on the trailer. I signal my dad to pull over, with the truck stopped we could see that the smoke was actually coming from transmission fluid leaking on the exhaust. We then decided to turn back and head to the mechanic to look at it. The mechanic looks underneath, the transmission fluid is leaking from the vent port, the transmission was likely over full but could possibly be overheating, he says we can keep driving but we have to stop regularly too check the fluid level and that short puffs of smoke is just overflow leaking out and in ending stream of smoke would indicate the transmission over heating. While we’re there we also see that there is oil pooling around the engine dipstick, which we clean up.

We head back out on the road only delayed 1hr extra, sure enough we sporadically see short puffs of smoke coming from the truck. We stop in Hague, Sk. to check the fluid, it slightly less then it was earlier. So we continue on, again sporadically short puffs of smoke. We’re traveling faster now 105kmh, suddenly an unending stream of smoke comes from the truck, so I signal my dad too pull over again. There’s fluid on the ground dripping off the exhaust we check, it’s brown in colour and smells like oil. We open the hood and check the engine oil dipstick, fresh oil pooled around the dipstick tube. We realize that the dipstick is worn out and isn’t sealing against the tube, and that running at the higher speed caused the oil to pressure up the tube. There’s nothing we can do about the oil on the exhaust so we get back on the road, making sure to stay at a slower speed no more smoke is seen, we stop in Prince Albert, Sk. Put gas in the truck and check the fluid level on the transmission still slightly high. The last leg of the trip is to Weyakwin lake, ranging in speeds of 94-99kmh, no problems, we arrive at the lake at 6:45.

We checked in with the office, parked the boat(we launch it tomorrow), park the camper, setup the 2 tents, unloaded the 5 coolers then took the van to get wood. Had bison burgers cooked by 10.

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