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Camping conversion

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I’m thinking ahead towards summer, and I want to spend more time camping with my boys and wife this year. We’ve got a Sienna and my Tundra, and I’d love to make the Tundra more camp-ready.


It’s my daily driver, so I don’t want a full camper as pictured. I’ve got two normal tents, but that’s such a pain in the ass to set up and tear down. I’d love to make a simple setup with the Tundra where I have a camping go-tote packed with the basics (lantern, cooktop, propane tanks, tools, etc); a camping cooler ready to go, the air mattress and sleeping bags ready to go. I’d love a setup where I can throw the Go-tote in the truck, swing by Kroger on the way out of town, and be on the road.

What’s the best way to simplify family camping? In my yout, it was far easier. Now that my boys are getting older I’d love to get them out camping far more often...

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