I was in a mountain bike race this weekend and got my first opportunity to camp in my new(ish) Land Cruiser.  I also got to test out my new tent which attaches to the rear hatch of the car.  It seemed a little gimmicky at first, but it actually turned out to be pretty sweet.  The rear of the car is way more comfortable for sleeping than the floor of the tent, so we used the tent area for storing our gear and changing, and slept in the car.  It turned out to be pretty spacious digs, and everyone we were camping with was jealous.

I also got the opportunity to put the cruiser's capabilities to work.  There was a washed out section of the road right in front of our camp space, where two cars got stuck, and lucky for them I always carry a tow rope in the car and was able to tow them out.  Here is one of the poor fools: