Campsite reserved!

I don’t LOVE campsites. Generally speaking I would rather dry camp and be by myself. But in the case of this trip, Im happy to have a reserved site. Its fall break here for schools and the campsite is over 5 hours away. If it was just me or a guys trip we wouldn’t even think twice about it. In fact we came to this campground just to see it when we were passing through on a guys trip and we all kinda turned up our noses at it (based on the excellent sites we had enjoyed for free!)

But we are taking the trailer, with the family in tow AND my in-laws. So I didn’t exactly want to wing it. It’s not the site we wanted, but its a site and its in a pretty place at least.


We tried this trip at this same site 4 years ago when the trailer was pretty new and were planning on spending the week here. we got 2 nights in before packing it up. 2 year old wouldn’t sleep and 4 year old was sick. I’ve never been so tired in my entire life.

Here’s hoping this will be better. some very cool stuff in this area. Some pics from previous trips


Not going to lie.  Really looking forward to this one.  Super slammed at work and I need a break.  Plus I haven’t been camping since early june on account of the knee.  

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