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Camry A/C Issue Advice

I have a 2011 Camry Le that’s been having some weird A/C problems.

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The A/C isn’t always cold. Sometime when I first start it it blows really hot usually on a hotter day it does this. Sometimes as I start driving it improves. It seems less cold at idle or when I’m not moving. Sometimes I get to a light and have to stop and it gets warmer.

It’s not constant though, sometimes it works really well and sometimes it doesn’t. As I said earlier it tends to work better when I’m moving but it doesn’t feel as cold as it should be. For example it was 72 degrees earlier today when I drove it and it wasn’t blowing very cold. It was very humid so maybe that affected it, but I’m not sure. However, about 35 minutes into my commute home it was working really well again and was very cold and worked well for the last 15 minutes of the commute.


I’m not sure what to do about it at this point. I don’t really want to mess with the A/C system myself as I don’t have the proper equipment and don’t want to cause a worse issue by messing with it. I read that it could be my cooling fans but was hoping OPPO had some advice about this. I was thinking about taking it into the shop to get checked out. I also change my cabin filter every year so I don’t think that is affecting it. It blows hard also but not as cold as I think it should be and as cold as it sometimes is.

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