Camry? Camry Camry Camry.

I picked up my friend's well-maintained 4-banger auto Camry a few days ago. It has summer tires, stiffer/lower suspension, and a TRD muffler, but it's still a rolling pile of beige. I don't hate it, I think. Ramblings below.

Driving impressions: it's entirely normal. Quiet, comfy, good visibility, decent turning radius. The steering and throttle response are slow and mushy, but that makes the car more sedate to drive. I suppose I'm responsible for maintaining it now but I'm doing so for the sake of the primary driver (hi wifey!) and not the car. I don't hate it ... but I don't care much for it either.


To make space for the Camry, my RSX is going into storage. It's loud, stiff, and the turning radius is a joke. I've tried to hate the car for its faults and logically, I really should sell it.

I can't. And I won't. For all the same reasons my dog won't give up the sock that he chewed up. It's mine, dammit. It's got special ricer bits that cost way too much and were hard to find, it makes rude noises in public, and driving it makes me happy.

Anyway, wifey has requested navigation, a backup camera, and a higher ride height. If anyone in SoCal wants to trade their stock Camry springs for a set of Tein S-Techs, lemme know.

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