So the shit tires on the Camry are shit, and half worn. If I keep the car it'll need tires. They're noisey, cupped, and suck ass in the snow. HOWEVER, the wife's Quest is on snows right now, and I came by a free set of 18" tires to put on it in the summer. But stock it has 17's on it, with bald tires. So either I spend $500 on 17" tires to fit the old peeling wheels, or $400 on 18" rims to put the new free tires on.

But what should I do if I put on the 18"s? Scrap the 17"s that are peeling? I have them on CL, they're going nowhere. I could get MAYBE $100 if I sell them to the scrapper. OR:

I could put them on the Camry. It needs new tires anyways, and they do fit, except the hub hole is larger. But they don't look too shabby in my shitty chop up there. I'd have to buy 17" tires which cost more than 15" tires (what it has on now). 

OR, I could find a set of Toyota or Lexus 15"s or 16" for cheap, that way they fit perfect and belong on the car.

Decisions, decisions...... Oh, and one of my steel 15" wheels is bent in 3 differnet spots. Explains why the steering wheel is off center, and why the aftermarket hubcaps that are on it came with a spare set of three. Guy must have hit a curb, lost or broke one, then bought another set. In a pinch I can replace that wheel with the one from the fullsize spare (hooray, fullsize spare!). But If I'm doing new tires, and maybe wheels.......