Camshaft: Boat v. Auto

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So my brother-in-law is giving me an OMC 140, 153 CID GM-built four-cylinder from 1963. If I wanted to put this in a car, would I need a different camshaft? My understanding is that a typical marine engine has a cam that is sort of like an RV cam, bottom-end torque. I had a brief chat with a guy at Comp Cams, and there’s a matter of lobe separation... Here’s part of the chat transcript:

Matt: Looking for something off the shelf. I just put 268H out there as a comparison. I understand that 268H is an “RV” cam, torquey low end.

2020-07-28 14:03

Fred Jones: If it is a shelf that you are looking for, then the 14-123-5..

Fred Jones: 1200-5200...

Fred Jones: 212/212 duration @ .050" and .475/.475 lift with a LS of 110, but we would have to custom it for the a LS of 112


I have a T-5 — mechanical tailshaft — transmission I could put behind it...

Here are the specks on the cam that the Old Guy recommended.

Can you educate me a little bit here, or refer me to a good reference material?


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