Apparently if you own one of only five Barchetta NC Miata retro tail lights, yes they can. This set will set you back $1250 and these are used with some minor TLC needed in the form a black respray around the edges of the lens where the original paint is coming off.

Here’s the list of NC Miatas running Barchetta’s rare lights.

1.) Barchetta’s demo car (or loyal customer car):

2.) Silver NC in New South Wales:

3.) Dark red metallic NC in California:


4. Joyfast’s (aftermarket Miata company) track-focused NC build in Japan:


Would you pony-up the cash to have an awesome-looking and exclusive set of retro taillights for your Miata? Miata owners always put a spin on their car to make them unique, these would be a sure-fire way to ensure that no other NC Miata will ever be able to copy your looks at the next Miata gathering at Laguna Seca or at Tail of the Dragon.