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Can a Subaru justify costing Porsche money, by "feel"?

I just finished watching this.... I am not sure I believe the hyperbole.

The driving impression is that the car handles and steers unlike any other Subaru, and despite the appearance, interior, engine, and anything else, makes it worth $65K, and as-configured, more than $70K... for 209 hand built units, by being tuned and specified with suspension pre-tensioners, and other special considerations.

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Or you could get one of these... Boxster and Cayman 718t for that same money, starting less than $70K.


The “t” touring models are base engine cars, with handling and other options usually equipped on the S-spec models, and oriented for driver experience, like the recent 911t models also.

All are flat-4 turbocharged cars, with manual gearboxes, and are marketed as special cars for driver feedback.... the Porsches have slightly less power, but markedly less weight... and their engines aren’t direct hold overs from the 1990s.


Albeit no AWD, either, but their weight bias, and acceleration weight transfer do give their drive wheels traction.

The Porsches don’t look like tarted-up econo-box sedans, either, which the Subaru does, because it ultimately is.


Not to mention, that if you really want... all 981s, and 718 GT4/Spyder, and GTS 4.0, and all manner of used or new 911, offer flat 6 engines... something that Subaru now refuses to offer on any car.

One more thing...

Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Pack with Handling pack, without the premium equipment package, is under 40 grand, and fully loaded is under 50 grand.


Supra (which I don’t particularly like, but for comparison’s sake) has a new turbo 4 version, which is under 50 grand, and even the 3.0 6-cylinder is probably at or under the Porsche and Subaru’s price tags.

There are also other options from Audi (A3, A4, A5 Sportback and coupe), BMW 2-series, Mercedes A and CLA-class cars, and probably more 4-cylinder turbocharged specials from various brands, far less expensive than an STI S209, and more competitive than the standard WRX STI.

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