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Can anyone confirm this? UPDATE: HE MAD

This looks like a nasty but survivable crash. The cammer states the driver didn’t survive but offers nothing to verify it. The only thing he says was that the driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, which I could certainly see turning this fatal.

Update: As you can see below, Berang found a news article stating the driver of the Subaru survived. I replied to the comment thread that was questioning the alleged fatality of the incident. The original uploader of the video graciously and politely replied to me to confirm that there was a mix-up and the driver did indeed survive:


I don’t use the comments section of Youtube that frequently so I’m sure this is just another day in the park, but I found it funny as hell. Also, some guy out there isn’t dead, so that’s nice.

Univision, this Caleb guy is clearly a clickbait master. Hire him at once.

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