What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Today before going to the Maserati event, my dad decided he wanted to stop and take a look at a new Genesis G80 5.0, which might soon replace his Hyundai Genesis 4.6 (that I hate). However, when we got the the Hyundai dealership , we were told that we could look at one but not drive it or buy it. The salesman told us that the franchise no longer owned any of its new Genesis vehicles: every last one had been bought back by Genesis/Hyundai. Apparently, this is the case for every single Genesis dealer in Nebraska. The way he explained it, when owners of new Genesis-branded vehicles went to register their new car, the Nebraska DMV wouldn’t let them register their cars as Hyundais (because according to the VINs, they aren’t) but also does not currently recognize Genesis as an actual manufacturer. This cannot possibly be the case in every situation as I’ve seen plenty of new G90s (which at no point were badged as Hyundais) running around over the last year with Nebraska plates. Still, the sales team insisted that every new Genesis they had at the dealership, and at every dealership in Nebraska (and Iowa!) was being bought back by Genesis due to not being able to be registered in those states likely for the remainder of the year. Apparently the trucks to pick them up and take them away are coming Tuesday. Somebody enlighten me here, because none of this makes any fucking sense whatsoever.

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