Going to be graduating soon and I’ve been eyeing down the BRZ for a long time. But not to buy completley blind, I really want to drive its competition so I can make an informed decision once the time comes. That includes other cars that I’d consider outside the specific lightweight & RWD segment, but still have sporting intentions (insert hot-hatch here, the mustang/camaro etc.).

Upon looking at the MX5 on mazda.ca (the BRZ’s main competition), I’m completley blown away at how expensive they are in Canada! As I’d be dailying the car and driving it all year round, the MX5 RF has more appeal to be (besides its good looks of course), but equip one like a Sport Tech BRZ and your over $45k!

Unfortunately, the soft-top doesn’t fare much better in price either. What the hell Mazda?

Edit: For reference, a sport tech BRZ is a way more reasonable $32k MSRP after all fees, excluding tax: