Can anyone here explain the appeal of these?

A kid at my school daily drives this. It is his only way to get around. He custom built this thing. What is the appeal of this being a daily driver? More pics and text below.


He is currently selling it for $15,000 (wants to buy another truck). It is a Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 155,000 miles and this lift kit on it. According to him, he has "way more then that into it... at least $20,000 into it.".

This doesn't look like it was done to the best possible quality levels.


These rims look really cheap and silly too.


He told me in his two years of ownership, it left the road only two times. The exhaust is mainly for looks, since it isn't a diesel and will not roll coal.

So Oppo, can you tell me why anyone would want this to use and drive every single day? I see the point for a toy. This is something made to go off road on the weekends and do not much else. But they aren't. They are used for daily transportation.


And he isn't the only one. There are so many of these trucks at my school. Kids here don't want sports cars, they want big diesel trucks. Rolling coal is a cool and fun thing to do.

Maybe someone on Oppo could help me understand the fun here. Thanks.

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