brought my FoST in for an oil change at 7:30 this morning. Requested full synthetic. Car was done at 9ish due to a wait. As the writer is about to charge me I realize it's way too cheap for synthetic. I ask her and she admits she remembers that I requested full synthetic and she forgot to write it down. They're re-doing the oil change with synthetic, but I'm still here at 10:30. Call me crazy, but if they admit it was their error, they should have bumped me up to get me out of here. The dealer I used to go to is too far away and requires a toll due to me moving back down to the city. Only reason I came to this one was because it was the closest to me, being at the Queens / Nassau border.

Looking for recommendations. If it's not done in 10 mins or so, I'm requesting a free next change for the trouble. Luckily I'm off work today, but I had stuff I needed to get done.

Edit: annnnd 5% left on my iPad. When the battery goes I'm requesting an update from the writer.


Edit: they put 5w-20 in instead of 5w-30. Third change in a day. Asking for the manager. I'm redacting my statement. The manager made it right, and refunded me for this change, once it was completed correctly, as well as offering me my next change for free. Fine by me.

Final edit: they're switching it for free and giving me the next full synth change for free. The tech that did the work even wiped my brake dust off for me.

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