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Can evil lessen evil?

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What country am I?

1. South of my border lie dangerous nations from which millions wish to escape.

2. the militarization of my border was ignored for many years, the offenses that law enforcement has committed never go under scrutiny.


3. most of our border control is based on profiling.

Who am I?

Well. Its not the United States. Its Mexico.

And we’ve known it for years.

But this video which explains it quite nicely in english, it made me ponder this question: Does evil lessen evil.


Because, had Obama and Peña Nieto not increased border enforcement in 2014, the US would have huge border issue, and the violations to human rights that it would have caused would’ve been reported to a much deeper extent than the violations here. History in the US would have been much less whitewashed and maybe white resentment of these people would have been a much bigger issue

More liberals would try to distance themselves from the Democrats and Obama for signing a deal with the devil, and more Republicans would have more racial juice to go around.

It maybe would not have been a case of an president loosing the popular vote. but actually wining it with a disturbing margin and having the political power to do horrible racist and xenophobic things.

So I don’t know how to feel about it, other than great sorrow.

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