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Can I be a bit annoying for a moment?

Hello everyone. I’m not too good with these “call to action” request. So please forgive me right now The Untitled Car Show is sitting at #156 over all on podomatic, #45 on the iTunes automotive chart and #1 on podomatic’s automotive chart. I have never broken into double digits on Podomatic’s overall chart, and haven’t broken into the top ten on iTunes either. While making it Close a few times i would love to break into them today. How can you help? You can listen to the latest episodes, or send them to a friend you think may enjoy them. Are you all caught up with the show? Maybe give a old episode a listen?


Don’t have iTunes? You can still help just subscribe via this link. (You may have to copy and paste it into your podcasting app)


Don’t have a podcast app? You can always listen in your browser.


I feel somewhat selfish appealing to y’all to do this. I don’t want to lie to y’all about my motivations and intentions so I’m trying to be direct and to the point because I think that’s what you have come to expect from show. Hitting these goals would be a boon for the show, it could help me get better guest for the show, maybe help pull in some more interest from advertisers. So please If you can give it a listen, share with a friend whatever you’re willing to do.

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