Toby as a peace offering.

My youngest was 1 of only 2 freshmen to make wind ensemble! I am very proud of him - it is almost all Juniors and seniors. He is also a straight A student, and appears to have come through the mental health issues that put him in a hospital for 6 weeks last year. Hang in there with your kids. I was utterly lost when he was in the grip of severe depression, and he has come so far. I am so proud of him.

My wife met with his teachers, and they gushed that he is a joy to have in class. One of them asked what he plays, and the band director said, “Anything I put in front of him, he can play.”

I am lucky in general, I have a good life. But I feel particularly fortunate that I have 2 good boys who I am confident will be good men.


The older one is upset because the big state band competition in Stockton has been canceled due to smoke, and this was a big thing for the seniors. They had a real chance of winning. He is handling it well, but is most upset that all his friends are mad at him for telling them they should have a positive attitude because no one can help a natural disasters. But his friends are locked into feeling like something was taken from them, so they turned on him.

High school is drama