Can I fit a 215/60/R17 on my STi?

I am trying to find snow tires for my Subaru and also chasing some deals on Discount Tire Direct. They have a set of Blizzak WS80s on there in that size for $122 a tire plus a $100 mail in rebate from DTD as well as a $70 mail in rebate from Bridgestone. So that is really $79.50 per tire! I found a forum post stating that this size MIGHT fit without any modifications but it sounds like a lot of sidewall. My stock size is 225/45/R17 and with this calculator, it looks like a giant tire:


But if it would fit, it would be a good choice for a snow tire. I would probably just get cheap wheels from DTD since it would mount for free and get me ANOTHER $100 mail in rebate. That is $270 worth of mail in rebates plus another instant 25% off for something. So the inital total of around $900 goes all the way down near $600!

Anyways, obviously my life is just tires right now..

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