So my family goes on vacation to Delaware/ Maryland every year. This vacation lasts for two weeks. This means 3 weekends, or for me who works only Saturdays, 3 work days. I got the first and the last but a coworker had the middle one like a year in advance. This basically meant no vacation to me, but my grandfather (with whom I live and go on vacation) seems to think I should give my two weeks notice.

I've been looking for a ob that's more in my field since I graduated high school, and there's one near by.

I enjoy my job and my coworkers.

I would most likely apply for that other job and go to a sales training seminar at the local car dealership (not what I want to do but it interests me).

I would be alone here for two weeks, which I don't think my grandparents are too buggy about.

I would be able to go to the NASCAR race here in July.