Can I Please Borrow $1000 To Save This Amazing Find?

Found this today on Craigslist. 2000 Volvo V70R with 130,000 miles for only $2000! I, I need to save this car. It's worth so much more. But, I don't have that much money yet. I need $1000 which I could pay back to save this beast from the hands of someone who would destroy it.


From the looks of it, this is in fact a real V70R. Supposedly everything but the rear wiper works. Interior looks to be in great shape and is clean.

Engine seems a bit dirty but that doesn't scare me too much.


This is my one fear. Thats not a stock bumper. In fact, I don't think it was from a V70R. But even if it was in an accident, $2000 for a real V70R seems like a steal. NPoCP? And who has the $1000 so I can save it (I still work and could pay you back within a few months). Also, you can drive it if you come down to see me or it!

Link here

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