Can I take photos at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix?

Is anyone on Oppo familiar with the do’s/don’ts of visiting the UAE? I know pretty much nothing about the culture, customs, dress code, etc.

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From what I’ve read, it sounds like the UAE has extremely strict laws against taking photos of people (especially women) and government property (bridges, airports, Presidential Palace, etc). So I’m wondering if it’s OK to take photos at Yas Marina Circuit during the Grand Prix? It’s not a government-owned establishment, but I can’t possibly take photos without people being in the background.

Alcohol is the another thing I’m unsure about. Apparently it’s legal for non-Muslims to drink at hotels and restaurants, but public intoxication is illegal, so how am I supposed to get home from the restaurant without going out in public?!? I think I’ll just avoid alcohol to be safe.


And perhaps the biggest question I have regards exotic car dealerships in Dubai. Can I just walk into an exotic car dealer and ask to take photos? I do this all the time here in the States, and they’re always extremely gracious and friendly, and treat it as free exposure on social media (especially considering I have a reasonably large car photography page on Instagram: @knutemotorsport).

Lastly is men’s dress code. Temperatures will probably be in the mid-high 80's, but I have no idea if shorts are acceptable. My shorts come to just above the knee, and I typically pair them with a long-sleeve button-down with the sleeves rolled up, and boat shoes (closed toe, but exposed top of foot).


Any UAE veterans here who can shed some light?

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