Can It Be Saturday Now?

Okay, I briefly mentioned that I no longer have a Monte Carlo in my last blog. Long story short, the back half of the car was a WAY BIGGER mess than I thought or was prepared to deal with. Shame, because it ran mint, but I got my money back so whatever. Now, because apparently I’m on a black Chevy thing, here’s what I’m picking up to replace it on Saturday:

That is a 1998 Chevy C1500 Silverado, 2wd, regular cab, short bed, step side, V8...with a five speed. Not a unicorn exactly, but you don’t see one every day.


It’s perfect. I mean it isn’t perfect, it needs stuff, but man is it ever cool. And it’s got some great stuff going for it.

The frame was replaced with a totally rust free one a month ago. The rear axle was replaced with a 14 bolt posi unit. It’s a Silverado, so power everything (I didn’t ask about AC, but that would be neat/unnecessary). Its dropped 3 inches. It’s black so it matches my Tahoe. And I’m buying it for $50 more than I sold the Monte Carlo for.

I’m pretty stoked. Oh, and it comes with a set of 15 inch wheels, so you know what it’s getting for tires?


Teehee. This is all going so well. I can’t wait to see how it goes spectacularly wrong. 

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