Can JDM motors be US road legal?

Hey there, first oppo post here. I have a question that hopefully somebody here can answer for.

I have two project car ideas, and I have to choose one. Both of them, however, will more likely than not, involve a JDM sourced Subaru motor.


Project #1 is a Subaru GC8 2.5RS with newer WRX or STI internals, otherwise restored to showroom condition.

Project #2 is a 73-74 Super Beetle, restored, with the drivetrain stripped out and replaced with a Subaru EJ20 from a WRX, similar to this project.

The issue, however, is that I'd like to be able to get the car to pass NJ inspection without jumping through any major hoops. Now I know that with regular motor swaps, NJ doesn't have an issue if the motor you're putting in is newer than the chassis, but I think there are issues for non USDM motors, since they haven't ran through US EPA tests.

Has anybody ever gotten a JDM motor to pass inspection? Also, any input on which project I should do would be good too!

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