Can McLaren P1 Be The Only Car You Own Without The Worry Of Reliability And Dependability?

Today was spent scrolling YouTube, surfing interwebs, and talking to few people who can look at a Porsche’s nut and bolt and tell you exactly what Porsche’s it was used on even though my concern wasn’t related to Porsches, but those people know it. Even if they don’t, then they know a friend who does, because they’ve owned it. But none shall be named.

I was day-dreaming and planning over a question that would I be ever able to keep a supercar (hypercar) as my only car and actually live with it. Keep it as a daily conveyance. Is such a thing possible? I can buy a Corolla and occasionally off-road with it, bash it around a track, buy groceries, use it as a trash can(r), and use it as a commuter and it will continue working. That is the argument (mockery) that plenty of non-car people give when you talk to them that my million dollar supercar won’t be able to do it...well my Suzuki can and it costs about the price you’ll fill fuel for a week in that! Though this isn’t to justify to them but this is to satisfy my yearning of living with a supercar that has mostly defined my life ambitions: Get rich so I can buy it.


The options were reduced very quickly to just McLaren and Porsche. And McLaren taking the lead. Those who knew said the MP4 is the best out of its league; MP4 is to supercars what R230 SL55 was to upper echelon sports cars. Reliable and dependable. And every person he has spoken to says the same. Further attestation comes from Jay Leno who said that his MP4 only had two services in two years and that too were just oil changes. All that was done was oil changes. That speaks immensely of the car.

Even Chris Harris has done a ‘Living With P1’, though it did not actually answer my mystery/question....

...but in another video with Harris, Chris Goodwin reiterates on a number of occasions that this is built to put miles on. To drive in traffic, to just DRIVE! In his own words, ‘We do race cars as well, but this is a very fast road car’. And not to be put in a collection.

I am still going towards knowing and understanding more. Even though I have a special feeling for the LaFerrari and 918 but I think the P1 is the car that can be the only car that you own.

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