I’d have a picture of a Challenger Limo for your time, but my stupid, cheap, Chinese dash cam didn’t record that leg of my journey. I’ll look through it later, might of just placed it out of order.

Anyways, So my Integra has been burning/leaking about a quart of oil month since I’ve had it. Which can mostly be attributed to leaking valve guides. However recently it’s bumped up to a quart every week or two.

I’ve identified the cam seal leaking, but there the issue of there being oil underneath the exhaust manifold, but that too could be attributed to the cam seal.
The puzzler is there’s oil leaking on the on the front driver side of the engine, near the power steering pump. The valve covers aren’t leaking there and neither is the PS pump or hoses leaking (and the PS is working fine too.) It’s also the side with the timing belt, but I couldn’t find any oil coming from the timing belt cover.

The only thing I could think of is a head gasket, I’ve never had a bad one, but I’d imagine a HG could leak oil onto the outside of the block without mixing coolant and oil (both oil and coolant are the proper colors.)

What does Oppo think?


The suspect cam seal/plug


I forgot to mention, the valve cover are good all around, but I’ll replace them anyway since there’s a little bit of oil getting into the spark pug holes.