Can Social Media Change The "Stealership" Mentality

In the last few months we've seen several stories that seem to follow the same arch. Something messed up happens to a customers car while in the hands of a dealer, customer and dealer can't come to terms, customer takes to social media and social media just devastates that dealer online. The internet brings that dealer to heel and they eventually do right by the customer.

In most cases when the customer takes to the internet to vent/ask for advice the dealership usually remains anonymous. Sooner or later things come to an impasse and the dealer is revealed. We could talk for ages about the ethics of unleashing the internet denizens onto a local business but that's not my question.

These things will continue to happen, will it eventually change the way dealerships act in these situations? Can these public shamings change automotive customer service?


EDIT: Additional question - If any of these dealerships were in your area would you do business with them?

Also tried to add some photos for your troubles but got Kinja pic blocked..

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