Can some one explain this to me?

So as you may or may not recall a 2017 Chevy Malibu has been part of our lives now since November. The car has been really great! The platform is wonderful and really makes me look forward to the new Regal line. The only down side I really have with the Malibu is it needs more power, we should have gotta the 2.0 turbo.... Which also may have helped with my new growing disdain for the fucking thing. Power aside I’m super not happy with the 1.5lt at all. So two weeks ago I make a 6 hour run, turn around and head home to help move a buddy back home post break up with his GF. the car performed swimmingly the way down and for the way back, until we are in the last 45 min of the drive. The worst part of the drive too as it was now dark and snowing and I had been at the wheel for around 11 hours or so at this point in the day. When all of a sudden I get a check engine light, a horrid drone to the exhuast and a total loss of power. I was doing at 73mph so rpm’s were right about 2700 or so. I rev up and it just has no balls. pull off high way and it sounds like the turbo doesn’t even spool when bringing up the RPM’s during quick sprints in txting pull off. WTF.

I limp home and we take it to the dealer next day, which considering the thing has less that 5k on it is super annoying! to further the annoyance it having been snowing when i got home we parked over snow, the next day when i moved the car I saw a small bright green spot that was directly under the engine. But wait it gets better. they take 2 days to return it. Claim CEL was never on but the ECU showed an over heating warning had occurred. Meaning the ECU over heated, not the engine. HOW THE FUCK DOES AN ECU OVER HEAT GOING 73MPH DOWN THE HIGH WAY IN 20 DEGREE WEATHER?? OH and they say there is no signs of a coolant leak. they claim they did nothing to fix the car. How ever looking in the engine bay I can see areas that looked much cleaner than the rest around the exhaust/turbo and coolant res.. What are the odds they fixed something that is a known issue but didn’t want to report it? also still HOW DOES AN ECU OVER HEAT IN THE WINTER???



ps: still want a GS or tour X... I’m a glutton for punishment..

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