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Can somebody run a Carfax for me, also? [Update]

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Like Jake, I’m considering a new-to-me purchase. You may help my irresponsible decision if you check out VIN: 1G1YY12S735102752


My car search burner email is car2014email at gmail etc. Thank you very much!

Update (original post 2/20/2018):

I made a lowball offer, and was told by the seller that he has already turned down two offers in cash, in person, that were about where I was willing to come up to. Given that the car is pretty far away, and I was only going after it ahead of schedule because I thought it was potentially a good deal, I’m inclined to pass on it.


(My schedule concept is that I’d run autocross this year, my second season, in my GTI to hone my skills and use up my current set of tires, then switch to a Vette for 2019 and beyond. This approach may also help in convincing my wife of my “need” to have this car.)

In addition, the seller is at least two hours away from any independent Corvette specialists, so the PPI would have had to be at the local Chevy dealer, which I would have had less confidence in after reading responses yesterday.


I’m going to keep an eye out for a good deal that may appear ahead of schedule, and also begin networking with autocrossers running Vettes this year. Maybe I’ll even be able to buy one of theirs at the end of the season if someone decides to upgrade - I’ve seen it happen over the past couple of years.

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