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Can someone explain Mine's, Spoon, Mugen, and Tommy Kaira to me?

These get a lot of mentions when people discuss Gran Turismo, tuner cars, Paul Walker, etc, but as they’re mostly Japanese Domestic Market only, I’m a bit mystified in some ways…

A) Is Mugen to Honda what M/// is to BMW or Nismo to Nissan? Or are they a completely 3rd-party manufacturer? Have any of their cars been sold outside of Japan?

B) Are Mine’s and Spoon tuners or manufacturers? (I know Tommy Kaira made the ZZ in Japan and a company I think was called Leading Edge imported them in the UK. TK also tried to make the ZZII [WHAT A CAR] but it was cancelled.)


C) If they’re just tuners, what is the criteria for someone being able to say, “Oh yeah, I own a Mine’s R34 Skyline.” ? What makes a car a “Spoon Civic” in, say, Gran Turismo? Would these cars actually be ordered like that from the tuner themselves in Japan, or is it more a case of “OK, if you bought an engine, brakes, and suspension components from them, and maybe a full-body sticker, I guess you can call it a Mine’s R34.”

D) Tommy Kaira’s logo: Cool, or subzero? Haha

I’m just a bit lost about whether you can say there are actual “numbers produced” for these cars, as you could with RUF relative to Porsche since it’s an actual separate manufacturer, or whether it’s a case of more being able to be “created” because the parts are out there, and all you have to do is bolt-em-on to the right model.

Thanks Oppo!

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