The Toyota Hilux is well-known as the toughest, pluckiest, most reliable, and most dependable pickup truck the world over. The Land Cruiser, its SUV sibling, shares this reputation, even in the current lumbering Hamptons Cruiser version we get in the U.S. Even the Tacoma, the US “equivalent”, enjoys a known image of durability and capability on and off-road. And then there’s the Tundra. While it doesn’t offer NEARLY the range of configurations and options of its American competitors, it is still a member of this same illustrious family, and it’s still a tough vehicle. Why, then, do we not associate (at least from what I’ve seen) the Tundra with the Land Cruiser and Hilux, and instead simply class it with the gargantuan Sequoia that shares its platform? I can see where one might not include the Sequoia in this legendary family tree, but how come the Tundra also seems to be left out?

Sorry for the unusually horrible sentence structure, my brain is multitasking.