Can someone please explain why this exists?

Apart from my past rants on getting pointed by lasers while trying to land a passenger jet, I am actually wondering just what the point (he he) of high power laser pointers are. Objectively, I am wondering what the need for this is. The advert here says, “With so many practical uses....” while the user is lighting matches with the beam. While on approach to land at Austin a few weeks back I heard a report of a laser event to the north. Blue was the reported color. Blue? So I looked it up and jesus, they’re some strong lasers. Class IV for this one here. So I am asking...

Why? The people buying are hobbyists? Okay, but what are they doing with it? Lighting matches and popping balloons for YouTube videos? What are these practical uses? If It’s lab work, Well, I’m sure there’s lab quality lasers the department procures. These things are designed to look cool and be mobile in your pocket. Again, I just don’t understand why these science-fiction looking high power things exist, because this is well beyond pointers from the back of the auditorium. I know, I know these are the same sorts of questions people ask when attacking the gun owners, “Why do you need a .50 caliber sniper rifle?” etc. But I’m, again, not attacking the ability to get one. I’m just trying to understand why. I can’t think of a single reason to get one. They’re not unique or special or rare.


I’m not asking in criticism. I’m genuinely wondering what the whole point of spending $300 on a 2 watt pocket laser. What are the practical uses....

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