I posted a topic a few hours ago about car interiors, and I was impressed by the woods used in old Plymouths and Oldsmobiles.

Whenever I see wood trim in modern cars though, it just seems cheaper somehow. I’m always taken back to Lexus and Buick “Plasti-wood”. It just looks so shiny, like plastic-wrapped wood.

Does this have something to do with modern wood lacquers used on automobiles or something? Why does the wood used in old car interiors look less shiny, or like there’s less of a “lacquer layer” surrounding it? Are there any old cars whose interiors feature wood such that you could literally get a splinter in your hand if you ran it along it?

I’m probably in the minority here, but on most modern cars I just don’t think “luxury” at all when I see wood. Carbon-fibre is kind of overused too, so I just sort of give up. Brushed aluminum is nice I guess.