So twice in one week and over 1500 kms my car died shortly after starting and wouldn’t start again for a few minutes until it magically fixed itself and ran perfectly. When I say it wouldn’t start, I mean that it actually started and ran for about a quarter of a second or 3-4 revs. Both occasions were on terribly hot days with the car sitting in the sun being completely protected from any windchill. Opening the door, getting in and out, cursing and calling road side assistance a.k.a. getting cooler air into the cabin seems to do the trick.

Honda forums suggest that it’s the fuel cutoff relay. I’ve found several threads with people with ‘90s Hondas having this hot day starting problem, Other forum members regurlarly suggested to check the fuel cutoff relay which sits somewhere behind the lower dashboard opposite the driver’s left knee. (Hence the magic healing process once cabin temperatures sink.)

I tried to locate it to clean the contacts and blow out any dust/residue with compressed air. Had no luck actually finding the darn thing and was forced to stop as dinner was ready. Might try again tomorrow as I now have a neat little diagram which narrows down the location even further.

Anyway, as the part is “only” € 100 from Honda I might replace it anyway just for peace of mind, BUT ONLY if I can be sure that it’s actually the culprit.

So what do you say? Possible/impossible? Experienced something similar before?