Can this day be over?

It’s been an unbelievably frustrating day - I had “my” first real project here at work, started it a couple weeks ago, and its grown in scope and importance by an order of magnitude, becoming way more complicated and difficult than I anticipated. My senior engineer is pissed because he was left out of the loop initially (because the project manager hates him and directed me to do it all), but I got over my head an eventually had to go to him for help. He’s frustrating on a good day, but he’s tried to make me absolutely miserable over this project. We’ve been clashing all day, with him blaming me for not communicating with him, even though I tried and he wouldn’t listen. He told me all my work was wrong, but it ended up being right. We were basically at each other throats...

And then we’re there in his office, and he get’s a personal call, and I can just see his heart drop. After he gets off the phone, he tells me his sister just died, completely unexpectedly.


Ugh, the feels. It’s like an emotional roller coaster, going from being super mad at someone, to just seeing them get that news, realizing they are still a human after all, and feeling so bad for them. I can’t take this, I need a drink.

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