It worked for Sonic. Might as well work here. This is seriously the most wretched looking vehicle I’ve ever seen. I swear to god if this isn’t some elaborate ruse I won’t buy one. That’ll show them.

But seriously. This is awful. Even worse than the original Sonic movie design. It looks like a car from an early 1990s computer game that hadn’t quite figured out how cars look yet.


Actually. I take that back. Early 90s video game cars looked way better than this. I normally don’t like shitting on cars simply based on looks, because most cars that are ugly have some sort of practical usage (see: Multipla, Aztek). This is just ugly for the sake of being ugly. How the fuck are you even going to use it as a truck?

That being said, if it is some weird marketing stunt to get attention for the new Tesla truck, it definitely worked. I’m sure whatever they actually reveal will look like a Renaissance painting compared to whatever the hell was just revealed.

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