UPS lost my package. The personalized photobooks from the vacation that I took with my relatives this summer. The drop-dead-awesome Christmas gift.

Shutterfly is awesome and will dispatch four new ones but they won’t arrive in time (obviously). According to my parents (and the neighbors, who I spent the evening talking to), it’s not uncommon for UPS and FedEx to lose packages in this part of the world. You know, the wild and barren wasteland of rural Massachusetts. Apparently, it’s so bad that people have stopped ordering online.

Frankly, I don’t quite understand how this entire process isn’t entirely automated by now. Scanner and truck have clocks and GPS. Package has barcode. Scanner has database of packages on truck. Package gets scanned and delivered. If GPS address does not match address in database, beep until the driver re-confirms. Database gets package delivery coordinates. Call center gets database connection. Lost package? Check the database. Tell me where it actually went. Hell, put GPS right into the website.