I was fine with the old “blue-red” dial because it denoted a self-comparative range of air temperature coming from the vents, nothing specific. I was annoyed when they used the exact same dials but with some arbitrary degree settings added on because it was obvious that they were simply approximations. But these digitally displayed temperatures with automatic climate controls do nothing but broadcast the total volume of bullsh*t they are pumping into the cabin!

What is 64°F exactly? Is it supposed to be the temperature of the air coming out of the vent, you know, like all the climate controls we grew up with in our econoboxes? No, because then the automatic climate control wouldn’t mean anything! If there isn’t a temperature sensor in the cabin, then those automatic settings are completely false! Having your “automatic” temperature controls on timers is just as aggravating and misleading as the settings on toasters. If we are going to display and temperatures then they need to be ACTUAL temperatures being measured for the front compartment or the entire cabin!

I don’t want to get into a huge rant over this because I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew and don’t want to accidentally come at someone like a spider monkey. All I want, in regards to digitally displayed climate controls w/ an automated option, is for the cabin temperature to be presented next to the desired temperature that the driver/passenger has set. You know,the same expectation as every thermostat in the world! Otherwise, this is nothing but a bunch of misleading messes leaving people frustrated because their A/C never feels cold enough.

I’ll also say this, if you can turn down the temperature without the A/C turning on automatically, then your display is faking it. If you can turn down the temperature and your A/C automatically turns on when you hit 66°F regardless of the time of year but doesn’t automatically turn off when you increase the temperature, then it’s probably faking those numbers too.


If you’re going to do this in every vehicle, let’s do it correctly please.

Also, when are we going to get separate fan speeds for the driver and passenger?! There’s nothing more awkward than when your passenger closes their vents. What’s the point of having dual zone climate controls then?!!