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Whilst cruising down the freeway this afternoon I got stuck behind an STI camped out in the left lane with miles of open road in front of him. When the opportunity presented itself I politely moved over a lane and continued my drive. Well, 20-something vaping dudebro seemed to take major offense to this.


He moved over three lanes, passing people dangerously on the far right, probably doing triple digit speeds, and got back around to the left lane and pulled up next to me. He gave me what appeared to be a ‘WTF?’ look, like who was I to dare pass him. I waved him off, not a middle finger or anything rude, and continued along my journey whilst he slowed down and resumed his blocking of the #1 lane.

Other than passing douchebro on the right, something I am loathe to do, my driving was polite, and in no way responsible for the ire of dudebro. Yes, I was speeding, but that’s not for him to enforce, especially after his incredibly stupid 100+ MPH blast on the far right lanes of the freeway. Assholes like this should be sentenced to something like a Chevette Diesel for a year; at least when you dare to have the temerity to pass them you won’t have to worry about seeing them again until next week...

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